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These days, it seems that every company needs a "web presence". So, what is a web presence, and why does everyone need one so badly? A Web Presence is any form of site, even a single page, that lets your clients know that you exist on the web. A web presence is definitely necessary for businesses to conduct e-business. However, more importantly, the web has become many users' new "yellow pages". Computer users search for companies to meet their needs via the internet, and then contact those companies through their respective sites.

What many companies fail to realize is that today's internet users are more savvy and discerning than ever before. The most obnoxious, loud, animated website is not necessarily the one users (especially business users) will gravitate toward. This is where NRG Advertising can help. We specialize in creating professional sites that do not sacrifice utility for flashiness, but still convey your corporate image. We can help you increase your visibility on the web, and give your clients the information about your company that they expect to find on the internet.

CLICK HERE to view NRG's Online Website Design Portfolio
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